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Free of charge A/S warranty and the procedure


1.1 This company provides warranty on the specified performance and lifetime for the products sold by this company within the warranty period of the corresponding product. In the event that product's flaws/failures caused by this company's manufacturing defects occur, are noticed or confirmed, within this period, with no relation to the [Free of charge warranty exclusion clauses], it is a rule to repair the product or exchange it to a new product free of charge.

1.2 Warranty period
Warranty period depends on the product type and new product/repaired product, and is set up with respect to a normal operation.

1.2.1 Reduction gears and motors
Warranty period of any product shall be either 12 months (1 year) from the date of sale or 2,000 operation hours, whichever comes early.

1.2.2 Repaired Products
Warranty period for an exchanged part of any repaired product at a cost shall be 3 months or 500 operation hours, whichever comes early.

1.3 Free of charge warranty exclusion clauses
Even within a warranty period, free of charge warranty cannot be applied to the case of flaws or failures due to the reasons listed below.

1.3.1 Flaws or failures caused by use under excessive conditions over specifications of the product

1.3.2 Flaws or failures either caused by careless handling or that occurred during transportation

1.3.3 Damage due to operation by unauthorized persons

1.3.4 In the event of arbitrary decomposition/assembly or deformation of the product without authorization of this company

1.3.5 Damage due to natural disasters such as flood, fire, war or earthquake

1.3.6 Damage due to uncontrollable circumstances such as riot, strike or fight

1.3.7 Damage caused by user's negligence in performing the duty of proper actions such as installation, operation, handling, repair, check, operation, maintenance, or inspection

1.3.8 Other cases that the damages turn out to have been caused by problems in use not by flaws in manufacturing process

1.4 Repair Rules
The fundamental method of fulfilling free of charge warranty is repair, by rule. But, in the case of valid reasons including the economy of repair cost, the corresponding product may be changed to a new product.

1.5 Performance Criteria
The criteria of the specifications and performance of any standard product shall be based on the catalogue or specifications (test record) prepared at the time of manufacturing by this company. Separate drawings or specifications specified by contract shall be applied in priority.

1.6 Bearing of access charge
The expense and procedure required to access the site for A/S and service should be borne by each user regardless of charge/free of charge, and this expense is not included in the product selling conditions of this company. Hence, not only the approval procedure for access to the site, rent or procurement of special equipment, subcontracted special manpower, or air flight/shipping fare, but also loading and unloading at such difficult places as high altitude, dangerous or harmful places, or a corner should be users' responsibility.

1.7 Regional Restriction
Conditions of this warranty or A/S are limited to the domestic land. At places like Jeju-do, islands or foreign nations which require additional equipment and manpower cost for access except the service carrier of this company, expense and procedure including matters of the previous clause should be borne under special conditions by users.

1.8 Prohibition of arbitrary transfer of secondary loss from the flaw
Compensation for the secondary loss caused by failures or flaws of this company's products is not included in the standard selling conditions of this company. Hence, it shall bot be transferred to this company arbitrarily. Also, any user has the responsibility to sufficiently fulfill the duty of ‘taking sincere actions as the proper user’ of this company's products. Unless a separate Compensation Contract is effective, compensation for the secondary loss coming from use of the product shall be limited to this company's selling price of the product only if it is clear that the secondary loss was caused by flaws of this company's product.

1.9 User's duty to take proper actions
Customers who are using this company's products should understand sufficiently features of this company's products and take proper actions, which include the followings. As this company's products play a part in the main Power system and so failure means operation-halt, proper actions should definitely be taken to remove or minimize loss.

1.9.1 Suitability of product selection
Products of this company should be chosen suitably for users' system condition. Only if suitable safety factors are taken into consideration depending upon system load/condition at the time of selection, the product can exhibit satisfactory performance.

1.9.2 Suitability Confirm of performance condition at the time of order
Anybody can read performance criteria of this company's products. But, confirm performance at the time of order.

1.9.4 Secure of emergency standbys
As mentioned previously, this company's products belong to the main Power system, secure emergency standbys to minimize operation-stop at the time of failure.
Basically, secure standbys at from 10% to 20%, and secure at least 1 standby for 5 parts or less and at least 2 standbys for more than 5 parts.