Gear Unit

Gear Unit Helical Bevel Reducer

Hypo Max Geared Motor

This is an economic reduction gear that improved parts durability and reduction gear lifetime through standardization of all parts based on the newest technological information. Weight of reduction gear was reduced through case optimization performed by design confirmation, and parts' performance was improved so that high load can be delivered.

Also, it is possible to respond immediately to any requirement of customers without newly designing by using standardized parts.

This is applicable to a device transferring semiconductors, IT parts or electronic parts.

Product Specification
Product Specification
Model No. HM25, HM30, HM35, HM45, HM52
Power 0.2kW ~ 2.2kW
Reduction gear ratio 1/15 ~ 1/60
Main Features
Main Features
  • About 20% higher efficiency compared to worm gear (more than 80% in average)
  • Low noise and low vibration compared to bevel gear
  • High strength and long lifetime is assured due to carburizing heat treatment of special steel
  • Light weight and downsizing is realized due to reduction of the case and reduction gear weight

Helical Bevel Geared Motor

Helical Bevel geared motor has wide range of choice for Power (0.2kW~55kW) and reduction gear ratio (1/7~1/175), and can be installed in various forms such as vertically or horizontally to satisfy diverse customer requirements.

Also, this has more than 90% high efficiency and long lifetime allowing easy maintenance, and is able to make high torque if high durability gear is applied, and is a economic product with high abrasion-resistance.

Being applicable to devices requiring high power and a small space, this can be applied to various things such as conveyor, automation facility, heavy equipment transferring device.

Product Specification
Product Specification
Model No. HB100, HB112, HB132, HB140, HB180, HB212, HB265, HB315, HB375
Power 0.2kW ~ 55kW
Reduction gear ratio 1/7 ~ 1/175
Main Features
Main Features
  • Smooth and sophisticated design was applied to make a simple and refined design in a total sense of unity
  • High efficiency and long lifetime was realized by optimized design making use of confirmed program
  • Practical designs, such as horizontal, vertical, hollow and flange types, which can satisfy diverse installation needs of customers