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About Us Our Company

We will grow to a world-class company on the basis of the
best quality and technology.

Since the company’s start-up of 1967, Nara Samyang Reduction Gear has contributed to the country’s industrial prosperities by localizing reduction gear’s development and production, and has been leading the country’s reduction gear market while expanding its business area to high-end products related to mechatronics, electric vehicle, and defense industries and acquiring the most local market share.

Also, to provide customer impression over customer satisfaction, we will continuously promote such innovative activities as zero defect movement and compliance with delivery date so that the “Customer Impression DNA” can really be our nature, and we will grow to an infinitely Customer Impression company.

Thank You.

  • Head office

Nara Group

With our Devotion to Humanity & Technology
  • Nara Controls
    Automation Control System
    Energy Management system (EMS)
    Industry /Bio /environment facility
    and control
  • Nara Samyang Gear inc.
    Various power transmission devices including reduction gears and electric motors
    Planetary reduction gear
    Transmission for electric vehicles
  • Nara Biotech
    Bio materials for experiments
    Customized Models /Imported animals
    Special experimental facility
    /brand medical appliances
  • Nara City Construction
    Residential/commercial facilities
    Environment-friendly buildings / resorts
    / constructing business
  • Nara Ace Holdings
    Asset Management /Real Estate Development
    Real estate acquisition / lease / Building facility
  • Nara GL
    Travel Agency, other tourism service
  • Nara Instrument & Electric
    Real estate development business /Forest (Recreational Forest)
  • Nara Farm
    Agricultural Corporation