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Gear Unit Gear Box

Gear box standard form

As a standardized power-transmission reduction gear, this was developed on the basis of the newest design and analysis technique. This precise and reliable product widely used in industrial settings is used to transmit power in diverse facilities such as steelwork, power plant, chemical plant, cement, rubber and paper manufacturing plants.

Parallel Shaft
Parallel Shaft
As the parallel shaft reduction gear uses HELICAL GEAR, the input shaft and output shaft point to parallel directions. This is the most frequently used from of reduction gear in the industrial settings and can satisfy various requirements of customers.
Power 1 ~ 5,000 kW
Reduction gear ratio 1 Stage (1~1/6.3),
2 Stage (1/6.3~1/22.4),
3 Stage (1/22.4~1/100),
4 Stage (1/112~1/500)
Torque 74,400 kg-m
Right angle shaft
Right angle shaft
Right angle shaft reduction gear uses BEVEL GEAR at the 1 stage so that the input shaft direction and output shaft direction make the right angle. It is mainly used to facilities in which power should be transmitted at the right angle, conveyors whose installation environment is such that motor and reduction gear should be closely adhered to the facility, or hand-push cars.
Power 1 ~ 3,500 kW
Reduction gear ratio 1 Stage (1~1/4),
2 Stage (1/4~1/18),
3 Stage (1/18~1/90),
4 Stage (1/100~1/500)
Torque 62,200 kg-m

Gear box special form

Product Overview

There is a specially designed form depending upon facility features and there are reduction gears of various forms. Nara Samyang Reduction Gear has much experience, records and design capability.