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Gear Unit Planetary Gear Reducer

Planetary Gear Reducer

Planetary gear reducer is composed of Sun gear, Planetary gear and Ring gear. As its power transmission rate per unit volume is very high, it can deliver power compared to the same sized general gear reducer.

Input shaft and output shaft can have the same center, and the power transmission efficiency is high.

As this has wide range of reduction gear ratio and high power transmission efficiency values, this is used for diverse purposes from ordinary industrial reduction gear to machine tools, vehicles and airplanes.

Product Specification
Product Specification
Model 2 Stage, 3 Stage, 4 Stage, Multi-stage
Gear ratio Wide range of Gear ratio values is possible.
Power 7.5 kW, 8.4kW, 9 kW
Torque 7,500 ~ 11,000 Nm
Main Features
Main Features
  • Small sized and light weight
  • Large reduction gear ratio
  • Modularization
  • High power transmission efficiency
  • Satisfaction of diverse customer requirements

Small Planetary Gear Reducer

Small Planetary Gear Reducer is a reduction gear designed to enable direct locking to general servo motor and driven in the combination of ring gear, sun gear and planetary gear. Power is put into sun gear and planetary gear is connected to carrier to finally turn around the output shaft.

Delivering power while a few gears are revolving engaging with one another, this is able to deliver high torque and high strength under the environment.

The internal structure is complicated but this is a stable system under efficient lubrication high revolution and high torque.

Product Specification
Product Specification
Model No. line power type, perpendicular (bevel) type
Power 50 ~ 500 W
Gear ratio 1/3 ~ 1/100
Main Features
Main Features
  • High input speed and output Torque
  • Small backlash
  • Maintenance unnecessary
  • Low noise/low vibration design