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Chain Coupling

As a chain coupling making use of RS tooth form standards and RS roller, this is a product that can replace any coupling used previously and has compatibility. Aluminium was chosen as the case material and design of unnecessary part was optimized to reduce moment of inertia while maintaining strength for minimization of inertia resistance and impact.

Product Specification
Product Specification
Chain No. RS40-2, RS50-2, RS60-2, RS80-2, RS100, RS120, RS160, RS200
Shaft diameter range Ø9 ~ Ø260
Main Features
Main Features
  • Compatibility is secured by adopting RS tooth form standards
  • SY standard chain gear and the same chain gear tooth form
  • Adoption of RS roller chain coupling
  • Can replace the previously used coupling

Elevator Traction Machine Gear

Gears used for elevators of high story apartments and office buildings require highly accurate design, process and precision. Studies and improvements are made so that tooth form can be optimized by using CNC hobbing, CNC worm cutter and CNC grinder, and gears are manufactured after data is accumulated for each type. Wormgears with capacity up to 37 kW are produced. Not only the K, I, N, A and C type tooth forms but also arbitrary tooth form can be processed.

Product Specification
Product Specification
Model No. ST135, ST190, ST240
loading capacity 300 ~ 3,000 kg
Speed 30 ~ 120 m/min
Main Features
Main Features
  • Can respond to wide range of speed
  • Can respond to diverse tooth forms required by customers
  • Noise reduction by applying optimized tooth form
  • Suitable for elevators and escalators