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Spring 2019, NARA SAY
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Nara Samyang Gear Inc. 
Nara Samyang Reducer is becoming a manufacturer of Core Power Transmission Equipment for Electric Vehicles

The global automotive market is currently engaged in vehicle development using alternative energy sources. One of them is a vehicle using electric energy, and many mass production models are already being introduced worldwide. The electric car market is expected to surge between 2025 and 1930 and account for 54% of new car sales in 2040. We are also in the process of developing the reducer which is used in the electric car in accordance with the change of the times. Our products are made of helical gear structure, and are used for golf cars and tractors. The aluminum alloy case is lightweight and highly efficient. Nara Samyang Reducer will be reborn as a core power transmission equipment manufacturing company in the electric car market through continuous research and development.

Nara Samyang Gear Inc. 
Nara Samyang Reducer received the POSCO SCREW DOWN ASSEMBLY Purchase Order.
Nara Samyang Reducer has achieved the result of substituting foreign products with the recognition of CAVEX GEAR processing and manufacturing technology and quality level.

Nara Samyang Reducer maintains partnership with POSCO and continues to provide core power transmission equipment for the manufacturing line. SCREW DOWN ASSEMBLY, a power transmission device received from POSCO, is a facility used for rolling thick steel sheets by adjusting the gap between rolls. SCREW DOWN ASSEMBLY has a large CAVEX WORM GEAR, and we have the best technology in CAVEX GEAR processing in Korea. POSCO has been replacing its existing foreign products with our manufacturing technology and quality standards. We will continue to be a partner to provide core power transmission devices for large domestic and global company manufacturing lines.

Nara Samyang Gear Inc. 
Winner of the 2018 Industry Award Automation
As a leader of industrial gear reducer, it is recognized as a leader of manufacturing innovation.

Nara Samyang Reducer was selected as the "Automation Division" award winner on December 18, 2018 at the "2018 Industry Awards" award ceremony for "Leading Innovation and Innovation Company of 2018". Our company has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of industrial speed reducers. This event will be held in 2018 to identify the people, institutions, companies and solutions that have the greatest contribution to the development of the manufacturing industry. It's an award ceremony. Nara Samyang Reducer will continuously endeavor to grow as a company that contributes to the development of the manufacturing industry through continuous technology development and quality improvement.

Nara Samyang Gear Inc. 
Nara Samyang Reducer Becoming a Global Brand
Expansion of overseas new market by exhibiting in Vietnam and Thailand international machinery exhibition

Nara Samyang Reducer is spurring overseas new market development. Currently, we have opened overseas offices in Vietnam and India and are making various efforts to expand the market in Southeast Asia. We participated in "Thailand International Machinery Exhibition METALEX" and "Vietnam International Machinery Exhibition VIMAF" to expand Southeast Asian market and exhibited our products. We showcased our technological capabilities by exhibiting various products such as worm gear reducer and hypoid speed reducer as well as geared motors, which are the flagship models, as well as new products to be released in the future. We will continue to develop overseas markets and become a global brand.


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